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A  ball that takes outdoor play to a whole new level of excitement, no matter the time of day or season. With its innovative features, this ball guarantees endless fun for both you and your furry companion.

One of the standout features of the Max Glow Kick Fetch is its erratic bounce, thanks to the ridges on its surface. This unpredictable movement adds an extra thrill to each play session, keeping your dog engaged and entertained.

  • Ball’s glow technology

Moreover, the ball’s glow technology is both eco-friendly and convenient. It swiftly charges under any bright light, eliminating the need for batteries. Just 5-10 minutes of exposure to light can provide up to 30 minutes of glowing playtime, making evening or early morning games just as enjoyable as those in broad daylight.

  • Water lovers

Water lovers will be delighted to know that the Max Glow Kick Fetch pet product is designed for water play too. The ball effortlessly floats above the water, making it perfect for fetching in lakes, rivers, or pools.

  • Max Glow rubber ball

The ball’s construction is also thoughtfully designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. Crafted from durable Max Glow rubber, EVA foam, and polyester, it ensures resistance to punctures and avoids deflation. Moreover, the unique inverted welts make it easy for your pup to pick up and carry the ball in their mouth without any hassle.

  • Chuckit! Max Glow Kick Fetch pet product

So, whether you’re spending quality time in the morning or winding down in the evening, Chuck it! Max Glow Kick Fetch pet product guarantees an unforgettable playtime experience with your canine companion. Embrace the joy of fetch anytime, anywhere, and make every season an opportunity for endless fun!

  • ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

  • Introducing ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

Introducing the revolutionary ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover, a game-changer in keeping your furniture pet hair-free! Say goodbye to adhesives and sticky tapes, as this ingeniously designed roller requires no refills, making it a cost-effective solution.

Nado Care Upgraded Pet Hair Remover And Dirt Remover For


Moreover, the ChomChom Roller pet product is entirely battery-free, making it incredibly travel-friendly and perfect for on-the-go use. Whether you’re at home or away, this pet hair remover is always ready to tackle any hairy situation.

  • Roller boasts an eco-friendly design that minimizes waste

Conscious of our environment, the roller boasts an eco-friendly design that minimizes waste. With no excessive paper or tape that would typically end up in landfills, you can feel good about using this pet product and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Features is its reusability

One of its standout features is its reusability. This roller can be easily cleaned and used time and time again, making it an ideal choice for every member of the household. Say goodbye to disposable rollers and hello to a sustainable and cost-efficient hair removal solution.

  • Hair-collecting compartment removal is made simple.

To make things even more convenient, the ChomChom Roller is designed with a hair-collecting compartment that can be effortlessly emptied once it’s complete—no more mess or hassle—just efficient pet hair removal made simple.

  • Watch in amazement the electrostatic charge

Watch in amazement as the electrostatic charge of the roller attracts pet hair from deep within furniture, such as chairs, beds, and couches. Say farewell to sticky lint rollers and the noise of vacuum cleaners, as the ChomChom Roller gets the job done effortlessly.

  • Keep one at home

Join the movement to reclaim your couch and other furniture with the ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover. Embrace its practicality, reusability, and eco-friendliness as you effortlessly maintain a hair-free home. Keep one at home and get an extra for quick cleanups on the go!

  • Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bag

  •  Introduce Tote Pet Travel Bag from Mobile Dog Gear

Ensure your pet product is fully prepared for her next travel adventure with the Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bag from Mobile Dog Gear! This lightweight and versatile tote is designed to be the ultimate travel companion for your

BIANYQ Pmpete Dog Travel Bag for Traveling| Week Away/Overnight Dog Travel Accessories with Multi-Function Pockets|Pet Travel Set for Dog and Cat|Ideal Dog Diaper Bag and Dog Travel Kit(F -

furry best friend, providing all the essentials in one convenient storage solution.

  • Multiple storage options

The organization is a breeze with multiple storage options. The bag features one spacious main storage area, a front drop-down flap with a fitted placemat for spill protection, two side mesh pockets, a large back mesh pocket, and an interior mesh pocket on the inside of the lid. You’ll have plenty of space to carry your pet’s food, treats, bowls, and other belongings.

  • Speaking of bowls

Speaking of bowls, the tote comes with two collapsible silicone bowls that are dishwasher-safe and perfect for food and water on the go. Additionally, two carriers are included, providing a safe and tidy way to transport food and treats. Plus, the luggage ID tag in the shape of a dog bone adds a touch of charm and practicality to the bag.

  • Designed with travel

Designed with travel convenience in mind, the Week Away Tote meets most airline carry-on requirements, making it easy to have your pet’s essentials close at hand during your journey. The bag also offers secure storage with back and zippered pockets, ensuring your pet’s belongings stay safe and accessible.

  • carrying options

For comfortable carrying options, the tote features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your comfort. Moreover, the bag strap easily loops onto your suitcase’s handle, adding further ease to your travel experience.

  • Beloved pets are easy and organized

Available in two sizes to accommodate medium and large traveling canine companions, the Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bagpet product is the ultimate companion for pet jet-setters. With its thoughtful design and ample storage, traveling with your beloved pet has never been so easy and organized!

  • Pat Safe Drink well Pagoda Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain

  • Introduce Drink Well Pagoda Pet Fountain

    PETSAFE Drinkwell Seascape Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain, 70-oz -

Experience the refreshing allure of flowing springs right at home with the Drink Well Pagoda Pet Fountain—an ideal water solution designed to cater to small to medium-sized pets. With a generous water capacity of 70 ounces, this fountain ensures your furry companions stay hydrated throughout the day.

  • Healthy drinking experience.

The secret to its success lies in the allure of moving water, which naturally entices pets to drink more frequently. The continuous circulation not only keeps the water fresh and inviting but also inhibits the growth of bacteria at the bottom of the bowl, ensuring a clean and healthy drinking experience.

  • Enhance water quality

To further enhance water quality, the fountain includes a replaceable carbon filter made from coconut shells, effectively removing any unpleasant tastes and odors, and leaving only pure, fresh water for your pets to enjoy.

  • Thoughtful design caters

This thoughtful design caters to the needs of pets of all ages. The fountain features an upper and lower dish, offering two drinking areas, while the elevated dish proves particularly beneficial for senior or arthritic pets, making it easier for them to quench their thirst comfortably.

  • Embracing both functionality and aesthetics

Embracing both functionality and aesthetics, the Pagoda Pet Fountain boasts a ceramic design that not only adds a touch of elegance to any décor but also ensures better hygiene compared to other materials. The seamless integration with your home’s interior makes it an attractive addition to any space.

  • Experience the flow of water

Experience the soothing flow of water that mimics the tranquility of natural streams, providing your pets with a serene and relaxing drinking experience. The low-voltage, submersible pump guarantees quiet operation, creating a peaceful atmosphere for both you and your beloved companions.

  • Choose attractive colors

Choose from four attractive colors—Porcelain White, Stoneware Red, Taupe, or Himalayan Blue—to match your preferences and style. Bring the wonders of running springs to your pets’ daily routine with the Drink Well Pagoda Pet Fountain and let them enjoy the benefits of staying hydrated with this elegant and practical water fountain pet product.

  • ThunderShirt for Dogs, XX-Small, Platinum Sport – Dog Anxiety Vest  pet product

ThunderShirt With Free ThunderWunders Calming Chews

The ThunderShirt for Dogs is a popular dog anxiety vest designed to provide comfort and relief to dogs experiencing stress, fear, or anxiety. Here are some key features of the ThunderShirt:

  • Anxiety Relief

The ThunderShirt works by applying gentle, constant pressure to your dog’s torso, similar to the feeling of a comforting hug. This pressure can help calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety in dogs during stressful situations

  • XX-Small Size

This specific ThunderShirt is designed for very small dogs and is labeled as “XX-Small.” It’s essential to choose the correct size for your dog to ensure a proper fit and effective pet product

  • Platinum Sport Color

The ThunderShirt comes in a Platinum Sport color, which is a neutral and stylish shade.

  • Easy to Use

The ThunderShirt is simple to put on and take off your dog. It features adjustable straps to customize the fit for your pet.

  • Versatile Use

The ThunderShirt can be helpful for various anxiety-inducing situations, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, separation anxiety, vet visits, car rides, and more.

  • Drug-Free Solution

One of the advantages of the ThunderShirt is that it offers a drug-free approach to managing anxiety in dogs. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other anxiety management techniques, as advised by your veterinarian.

It’s important to note that while many dogs benefit from using the ThunderShirt, it may not work for every dog or anxiety-related issue. If your dog has severe anxiety or behavioral problems, it’s essential to consult with a veterinarian or a professional dog trainer for a comprehensive behavioral management plan.

Always follow the sizing and usage instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety while using the ThunderShirt.

  • KITPLUS Automatic Pet Dryer pet product for Cats and Small Dogs

The KITPLUS Automatic Pet Dryer pet product is a specialized grooming tool designed for efficiently drying cats and small dogs after bathing or getting wet. Here are some  pet products of its key features:

  • Effortless Pet Drying pet product

The dryer is specifically designed to streamline the drying process for pets, making it easier and more efficient compared to using regular human hair dryers.

  • 60L Large Volume

The 60-liter large volume refers to the capacity of the dryer’s internal compartment. This allows ample space for your pet to comfortably stand or lie down while being dried.

  • Smart Touch Control

The pet dryer comes equipped with a smart touch control interface, making it user-friendly and easy to adjust the settings according to your pet’s needs.

  • Ultra Quiet Operation

Pet dryer’s pet product can be quite loud, which may startle or stress out pets during the drying process. The ultra-quiet operation of this dryer aims to minimize noise levels, creating a more soothing experience for your furry friend.

  • Dog Hair Dryer pet product

While its product is suitable for both cats and small dogs, the primary purpose of this pet dryer is to dry dog hair efficiently.

Before using the KITPLUS Automatic Pet Dryer pet product, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the product’s user manual to ensure proper and safe operation. Remember that each pet is different, so it’s essential to use the dryer with care, considering your pet’s size, coat type, and comfort level.

Always prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort during the grooming process. If your pet shows signs of stress or discomfort during the drying session, it’s best to stop and try again later or seek professional grooming services and pet products if necessary.

  • Dog Back Seat Cover Protector for Cars

A dog back seat-covered pet product protector for cars, SUVs, and trucks with a mesh window is a product designed to keep your vehicle’s back seat clean and safe while traveling with your furry companion. Here are some of the features you can expect from such a pet  product:

  • Mesh Window

The mesh window serves a few purposes. It allows your dog to see you and reduces anxiety during the ride. It also promotes better air circulation, ensuring your pet stays comfortable during the journey.

  • Scratchproof

The cover is made from scratch-resistant materials, providing protection to your vehicle’s back seat from sharp nails and potential damage caused by your dog’s movement.

  • Nonslip

The cover is designed to have a non-slip surface, preventing your dog from sliding around during the drive and ensuring they stay securely seated pet product

  • Waterproof Material

The cover is typically made from waterproof materials, safeguarding your vehicle’s upholstery from accidental spills, drooling, or any other moisture that your dog might bring into the car.

  • Easy Installation

Most of these covers are easy to install and remove, making it convenient for you to set it up when needed and remove it when not in use.

  • Universal Fit

They usually come in a size that can fit most cars, SUVs, and trucks, ensuring versatility and compatibility with different vehicles.

  • Easy to Clean

These covers are usually easy to clean and maintain, either by wiping them down or machine-washing them, which helps keep your car tidy and fresh.

When choosing a dog back seat cover protector pet product, consider the size of your vehicle, the size and breed of your dog, and any specific features you may need, such as additional storage pockets or side flaps to protect the car doors. Additionally, read customer reviews and product specifications to ensure the cover meets your requirements.




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